Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Colchester C round-up

Colchester D finished in 6th place (out of 7) in NECL Division 2, with three wins, three draws and six losses. Billericay A finished in first. Mike Clapham played his firest games for the club this season.

The player statistics (by board) are:

Board 1 (Total 5.5/12)
Mike Wagstaff2/3
Svein Kjenner1.5/3
Emil Tihov1/3
Mike Clapham0.5/1
Felix Schnell0.5/1

Board 2 (Total 4.5/12)
Mike Wagstaff1.5/2
Emil Tihov1/2
Mark Johnson0.5/1
Felix Schnell0.5/2
John Duff-Cole0/1
Pete Smith0/2

Board 3 (Total 3.5/12)
Felix Schnell1/1
Mike Wagstaff1/1
John Duff-Cole1/3
Emil Tihov0.5/2
Jamie Van Amstel0/2
Pete Smith0/2

Board 4 (Total 3/12)
John Duff-Cole2/4
Clive Bellinger0.5/2
Jamie Van Amstel0.5/2
Mae Catabay0.5/1
Charles Mallon0/1
Pete Smith0/1

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Colchester D round-up

Colchester D finished in 6th place (out of 11) in NECL Division 3, with three wins, three draws and four losses in the league. Brentwood B finished in first, one point ahead of the D team - with Clacton B and Chelmsford E close behind. Charles Mallon and Jamie Van Amstel played their firest games for the club this season. The D team's results were above expectations as they were outgraded in 8 of their 10 matches.

The player statistics (by board) are:

Board 1 (Total 4.5/10)
Clive Bellinger1.5/2
Pete Smith1/1
Jamie Van Amstel1/2
Brian Remmer0.5/1
Emil Tihov0.5/3
John Duff-Cole0/1

Board 2 (Total 6/10)
Jamie Van Amstel3/3
Mark Johnson2/2
Clive Bellinger0.5/1
John Duff-Cole0.5/2
Mae Catabay0/1
Charles Mallon0/1

Board 3 (Total 4/10)
Jamie Van Amstel2/4
Charles Mallon1/1
Craig Bradshaw1/4
Phil Daley0/1

Board 4 (Total 3.5/10)
Charles Mallon1.5/3
Craig Bradshaw1/3
John Duff-Cole0.5/1
Mae Catabay0.5/1
Asci Catabay0/1

Tuesday, 28 May 2019


Colchester Chess Club


will be held on
Wed 17th July

at The Belle Vue Social Club

Any items for inclusion on the Agenda to the undersigned by Thursday 20st June

Clive Bellinger

Friday, 4 January 2019

New venue

With immediate effect the club have a new venue. The new venue is the Belle Vue Social Club on Colne Bank Avenue (postcode is CO1 1UU).

We will still be meeting on Wednesdays at the normal time.

Thursday, 2 August 2018

ECF 2018 rapidplay grades

The rapid play grades for Colchester players on the July ECF Grading List are:

302172LVoelker, Norbert163E170E
186371LStemp, Matt159D162E
314943CLee, Dominic155E
140673FBarnes, Nathan154D157E
274746HCatabay, Michael152E 
299554CKjenner, Svein152E149D
301977ASchnell, Felix142F
213710ASmith, Peter114D103E
117812LRemmer, Brian109D
227455DDuff-Cole, John108E92F
293018DJohnson, Mark107A113A
155695CDaley, Phil107E115F
314944EBradshaw, Craig102E
253530AJohnson, Zoe1092D108E
307566HCatabay, Mae876A54A
298999CCatabay, Asci1574A51A

A number of players appear on the list (or have non-F grades) for the first time (or reappear after dropping off the list) - Dom Lee (going in with the 3rd highest rapidplay grade in the club following an unbeaten 2nd place in the Tony Locke Rapidplay and a number of wins in the NECL rapidplay league), Michael Catabay, Felix Schnell, Brian Remmer and Craig Bradshaw.

There were significant increases for Asci Catabay (+23), Mae Catabay (+22), John Duff-Cole (+15) and Pete Smith (+11).

Thursday, 26 July 2018

July 2018 ECF grades

The July 2018 ECF Grading List has been published. The standard play grades for active Colchester players are:

316761GCesenek, Jan201F
186371LStemp, Matt196C196C
302172LVoelker, Norbert176E178C
139627EGooding, Ian175C170C
274746HCatabay, Michael169D170E
299554CKjenner, Svein164B162B
140673FBarnes, Nathan161A163A
301977ASchnell, Felix154C152C
120924DWagstaff, Michael147D147C
286077GTihov, Emil143E
250046CBellinger, Clive135C136C
117812LRemmer, Brian116C114C
293018DJohnson, Mark114C113C
155695CDaley, Phil110D117D
213710ASmith, Peter103C111B
227455DDuff-Cole, John103C102C
253530AJohnson, Zoe1082E
314944EBradshaw, Craig73F
307566HCatabay, Mae866E
298999CCatabay, Asci1548F

A few players have increased their grades with Ian Gooding (+5) having the most significant increase.

Zoe Johnson and Mae Catabay appear on the list for the first time; Jan Cesenek, Craig Bradshaw, Asci Catabay also get provisional F grades and appear on the list for the first time.

Emil Tihov gets his highest ever grade, his first grade as a Colchester player; slight increases for Svein Kjenner, Mark Johnson and John Duff-Cole also see them reach their highest ever standard play grade.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Colchester B round-up

Colchester B finished mid-table in NECL Division 1 with four wins, one draw and four defeats in the league. Their best results were a 2.5-1.5 win against Chelmsford A, a 4-0 win against Billericay A and a 3.5-0.5 win against Chelmsford B. The B team had a few problems getting players in some of the matches early in the season resulting in a few defaults on board 4.

The player statistics (by board) are:

Board 1 (Total 3.5/9)
Michael Catabay1.5/4
Jan Cesenek1/1
Nathan Barnes1/4

Board 2 (Total 5.5/9)
Michael Catabay1.5/3
Jan Cesenek1/1
Nathan Barnes1/1
Svein Kjenner1/1
Felix Schnell1/3

Board 3 (Total 5/9)
Clive Bellinger2/3
Nathan Barnes1/1
Michael Catabay1/1
Felix Schnell1/2
Svein Kjenner0/1
Pete Smith0/1

Board 4 (Total 5.5/9)
Felix Schnell1.5/2
Nathan Barnes1/1
Svein Kjenner1/1
Emil Tihov1/1
Pete Smith1/1