Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Friendly match against University of Essex

Last Wednesday there was a 7-board friendly match against the University of Essex. Final score was 6-1 to Colchester, with the University's Dimitrios (also a regular player for the Colchester team) picking up the away team's win on Board 1.

1BAdam Taylor1870-1Dimitrios Kolomvas160
2WClive Bellinger1421-0Aron Donaldson-
3BNathan Barnes-1-0Robert Smith-
4WPhil Daley1241-0Jake Stones-
5BEd Goodman1071-0Sofiya Stoyanova-
6WPeter Smith1141-0Raluca Stroe-
7BAlan Fairley-1-0Theis Linde-

Here is the game played on Board 3