Saturday, 27 July 2013

ECF Grades

The July 2013 ECF Grading List has been published. The grades for active Colchester players are:

250046CBellinger, CliveM143D143E
155695CDaley, PhilipM124D124C
227455DDuff-Cole, John AM91B91B
292991AGlenn, SamuelM118E
139627EGooding, IanM167D174C
256466LGoodman, EdM82D
286563EKing, JohnM26D26E
213710ASmith, PeterM111C114B117D
119459JSowerby, John GM103C101C
272685DTaylor, Adam CM15190X187X194A193X
282343DTaylor, NathalieF71D67D72D
276510LThrower, AdrianM67E69E
275674CThrower, Ethan JM1492A87A
120924DWagstaff, Michael KM142E142E
269649GWest, GrahamM141E141B
147307EWilliams, Stephen MM169E
290797FWood, David CM19A19E34X35X

There are also a number of other Colchester players - like Dimitrios Kolomvas and Mark Johnson - who have played some graded games in the last season (but not enough to have a grade yet).

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