Wednesday, 7 August 2013

British Championship 2013

Adam Taylor is currently playing in the British Championship. The position below is taken from Adam's round seven game against Amy Hoare. The game has been fairly even but Adam (white) is looking for more than a draw. What was Adam's best option here to improve his winning chances?

Answer can be found in the comments for this post.

Later on in the same game, Adam's plan has been successful and he now has a winning position. There are several good moves to choose from in the diagram below - what move leads to the simplest win? Answer, again, in the comments.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Summer Quickplay Results

Ten players took part in the Summer Rapidplay (rules for the competition can be found here). The first round of matches all finished 2-0 with Clive, Nathan, Ed, Dave Chatfield and Juan beating Phil, Dave Wood, Pete, Roger and Mark respectively.

The second round of matches also all finished 2-0 meaning that going into the last round Dave C, Nathan and Juan were in the lead with 4 points each.

In the final round Dave C drew with Clive twice, Nathan beat Ed 2-0 (though had to rely on a swindle in the first game to avoid losing) and Phil picked up an excellent draw against our Spanish visitor (the highest rated player by a considerable margin), Juan.

The tournament used random pairings which did mean that some players had a considerably harder draw than others (Clive probably being the unluckiest) - final standings shown in the table below.

After the tournament Roger presented the winners of last season's club competitions with their trophies - Pete Smith won the Club Championship and Ed Goodman won the Club Shield.


1Nathan Barnes2.
2Juan Hernandez2.
3Dave Chatfield2.
4Roger Sharman0.
5Clive Bellinger0.
6Phil Daley0.
7=Ed Goodman0.
7=Mark Johnson0.
9=Pete Smith0.
9=Dave Wood0.