Wednesday, 7 August 2013

British Championship 2013

Adam Taylor is currently playing in the British Championship. The position below is taken from Adam's round seven game against Amy Hoare. The game has been fairly even but Adam (white) is looking for more than a draw. What was Adam's best option here to improve his winning chances?

Answer can be found in the comments for this post.

Later on in the same game, Adam's plan has been successful and he now has a winning position. There are several good moves to choose from in the diagram below - what move leads to the simplest win? Answer, again, in the comments.

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  1. Solutions

    Diagram 1: open up the h-file for the white rooks - 45. Rh2 then 46. hxg5 (or the equally good option chosen by Adam in the game of 45. hxg5 then 46. Rh2)

    Diagram 2: the most decisive move is the sacrifice 53. Re6! If Black takes the rook with 53...Bxe6 then after 54. fxe6 White will end up winning a piece as Black will have to lose a rook to prevent one of White's pawns reaching the 8th rank (the move played in the game 54. dxe6 is also comfortably winning). If Black does not take the rook (e.g. 53...Rab6) then White has 54. Rhxf6 and again Black will have to give up material to prevent White's passed pawns.