Thursday, 1 August 2013

Summer Quickplay Results

Ten players took part in the Summer Rapidplay (rules for the competition can be found here). The first round of matches all finished 2-0 with Clive, Nathan, Ed, Dave Chatfield and Juan beating Phil, Dave Wood, Pete, Roger and Mark respectively.

The second round of matches also all finished 2-0 meaning that going into the last round Dave C, Nathan and Juan were in the lead with 4 points each.

In the final round Dave C drew with Clive twice, Nathan beat Ed 2-0 (though had to rely on a swindle in the first game to avoid losing) and Phil picked up an excellent draw against our Spanish visitor (the highest rated player by a considerable margin), Juan.

The tournament used random pairings which did mean that some players had a considerably harder draw than others (Clive probably being the unluckiest) - final standings shown in the table below.

After the tournament Roger presented the winners of last season's club competitions with their trophies - Pete Smith won the Club Championship and Ed Goodman won the Club Shield.


1Nathan Barnes2.
2Juan Hernandez2.
3Dave Chatfield2.
4Roger Sharman0.
5Clive Bellinger0.
6Phil Daley0.
7=Ed Goodman0.
7=Mark Johnson0.
9=Pete Smith0.
9=Dave Wood0.

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