Sunday, 6 October 2013

Draw for Club Championship

The draw for the group stages of the Club Championship has been made. Each player plays two games against the other players in their group. The top two from each group will go into the quarter-finals of the Club Championship, all other players will go into the knockout for the Club Plate.

The dates for the first round matches are:

09/10/13 No matches specified - play anyone from your group who is available for a match (will ease fixture congestion later in the season)
16/10/13 Player 1 (W) vs Player 4 (B); Player 2 (W) vs Player 3 (B)
06/11/13 Player 1 (W) vs Player 3 (B); Player 4 (W) vs Player 2 (B)
13/11/13 Player 2 (W) vs Player 1 (B); Player 3 (W) vs Player 4 (B)
27/11/13 Player 4 (W) vs Player 1 (B); Player 3 (W) vs Player 2 (B)
22/01/14 Player 3 (W) vs Player 1 (B); Player 2 (W) vs Player 4 (B)
05/02/14 Player 1 (W) vs Player 2 (B); Player 4 (W) vs Player 3 (B)

If a player is unable to play a match on the date allocated then it is their responsibility to arrange an alternative date with their allocated opponent. If this is not possible then the tournament director will decide on the result - default one of the players or, in exceptional circumstances, default both players.

All group matches in the club championship must be completed by Wednesday 2nd April.


Group 1 CB SG MH NF Total
Clive Bellinger X 0
Samuel Glenn X 0
Martin Harris X 0
Nick Fadugba X 0


Group 2 DK PS JD EG Total
Dimitrios Kolomvas X 0
Peter Smith X 0
John Duff-Cole X 0
Ed Goodman X 0


Group 3 NB DC MJ JK Total
Nathan Barnes X 0
Dave Chatfield X 0
Mark Johnson X 0
John King X 0


Group 4 PD BR JS DW Total
Phil Daley X 0
Brian Remmer X 0
Jake Stones X 0
Dave Wood X 0


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