Thursday, 31 October 2013

Two league matches - two wins

The A team and the C team were both in action on Wednesday night. The A team's first league match of the season was a whitewashing of Brentwood C and an inexperienced C team beat Billericay C in a close match. The C team have overtaken the B team and are top of Division 3.

There are a number of new players for Colchester this season - Nathan Barnes played his second match for Colchester with Martin Harris, Rob Smith and Jake Stones all playing their first matches as Colchester players. Rob and Jake have never played league chess before.

Date: 30-Oct-2013
NECL League: Division 2
1 b Ian Gooding (167) 1 0 Rod Johnson (152) w
2 w Dimitrios Kolomvas (e160) 1 0 Chris Darbon (148) b
3 b Nathan Barnes (e145) 1 0 Ben Smith (117) w
4 w Clive Bellinger (143) 1 0 Colin Ellis (86) b
(avg=154) 4 0 (avg=125)


Date: 30-Oct-2013
NECL League: Division 3
1 b Brian Remmer (116) 1 0 Ken Young (115) w
2 w Martin Harris (e115) 1 0 Charles Newman (109) b
3 b Rob Smith (e78) ½ ½ Ian Fuller (93) w
4 w Jake Stones (e75) 0 1 Hugh Tanton (74) b
(avg=96) 2.5 1.5 (avg=97)

The position below is from the match on Board 3 of Colchester A v Brentwood C. White has just played 12.Re1, how can Black now obtain a winning advantage? Answer in the comments.

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  1. Black played 12...Nb4+!

    This forks the queen and bishop. White can't play 13. Qb1 as 13...Nxd3 wins at least a piece. 13.Bxg6 loses to 13...Nxc2.

    White's best move (if only marginally) is the rook sacrifice 13. Rxe6+; which loses a small amount of material. The only other sensible move is 13.xb4

    The game continued 13.xb4 Qxc2 14. Bxc2 Bxc2 15. a3

    Black has now got a winning advantage - even though material is even. Black has the bishop pair, White's pieces have limited activity and there are several weaknesses in White's pawn structure. White is also not able to stop Black from gaining control of the open c-file.