Saturday, 5 April 2014

Club Championship Draw

The group stages of the club championship have now finished.

Group 1 was won by Eldar Lachinov, with Martin Harris taking the runners-up spot. In group 2, Pete Smith finished 1st and John Duff-Cole 2nd. Group 3 was won by Nathan Barnes and there was a 3-way tie for 2nd (Mark Johnson, John King, Dave Chatfield) - Mark Johnson progressing with the best tie-break. Group 4 had a tie for 1st place between Phil Daley and Brian Remmer - Brian edging the tie-break criteria.

The 1st round of the knockout will take place on Wednesday 7th May - players should toss a coin to determine who has the White pieces. In the result of a draw a second match should be played (must be completed by 21st May at the latest). Players who do not complete the match on the 7th will be defaulted - unless they have agreed an alternative date with their opponent. All players in the knockout will get further games (even those beaten in the first round) as there will be play-offs to determine placings.

Draw for main competition:

  • Eldar Lachinov - Phil Daley
  • Pete Smith - Mark Johnson
  • Nathan Barnes - John Duff-Cole
  • Brian Remmer - Martin Harris

Draw for plate competition:

  • Clive Bellinger - Jake Stones
  • Sam Glenn - Rob Smith
  • Dave Chatfield - Dave Wood
  • John King - Ed Goodman

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