Saturday, 12 April 2014

NECL player of the year

As the end of the season approaches it is time for a look at the top players in the NECL so far this season - and Colchester players are doing well.

Currently in 1st place is Eldar Lachinov with a score of 7.5/8 (94%) - looking like he can't be caught. In 2nd place is Mike Wagstaff with a score of 7.5/9 (83%) and Pete Smith is in 3rd place with 6.5/8 (81%). Also in the top 20 are Nathan Barnes (13th), Clive Bellinger (16th=) and Phil Daley (16th=).

All figures are taken from the NECL website.

The resurgence of Colchester Chess Club this season is apparent when comparing this to last season when there were no Colchester players in the NECL top 30.

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