Sunday, 7 September 2014

Club Championship 2014/15

The format for this year's club championship has changed slightly - though there will still be a group phase followed by a knockout format. Players have been divided into groups (randomly from seeded pots). The winners of each group will get byes for the first and second rounds of the knockout; those who finish in 2nd place in their group will get a bye for the first round of the knockout. The draw for the knockout rounds will be determined by grade performance in the group stages. Where additional byes need to be given out (due to numbers) the eligible player with the best grading performance will be given it.

SeedGroup 1Group 2Group 3Group 4Group 5
1Nathan BarnesClive BellingerSvein KjennerDave ChatfieldPhil Daley
2Ed GoodmanJohn Duff-ColePete SmithBrian RemmerMartin Harris
3Mohammud JaufarallyNadia JaufarallyJohn KingShazia JaufarallyMark Johnson

Colours for the matches are as follows: Player 1 has white against Player 3, Player 2 has white against Player 1, Player 3 has white against Player 2.

Once dates for NECL fixtures are known, dates will be published for the club championship games - however, matches can be started before then if the two players agree a date. All matches in the group stages must be finished by Wednesday 3rd December.

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