Sunday, 28 September 2014

Tony Locke Rapidplay - Round 2 Draw

The draw for round two has been made (first named player has white):

Nathan Barnes (1)v    Dave Chatfield (1)
Svein Kjennerv    Clive Bellinger (1)
Pete Smith (0)v    Martin Harris
John Duff-Cole (0)v    Phil Daley (0)
Mohammud Jaufarally (1)v    Ed Goodman (1)
Zahra Jaufarallyv    Mark Johnson
Nadia Jaufarallyv    John King
Shazia Jaufarallyv    Alex Welge
Luke Tatchell (0) - Bye (or plays against 1st extra player added to draw)

Where first round games have not been played both players have been given half a point for the purpose of making the 2nd round draw - when the game has been played both player's scores will be updated. These half-points are not shown in player scores above.

The following first round games still need to be played:

Martin Harrisv    Svein Kjenner
Mark Johnsonv    Shazia Jaufarally
Alex Welgev    Nadia Jaufarally
John Kingv    Zahra Jaufarally

So far the first round has seen wins for Nathan, Clive, Dave and Mo.

Rules: 30 minutes on the clock for each player. These games should be played during October - no set date has been specified due to the number of NECL games due to be played this month - players should fit in games when they can. The draw for the 3rd round will be published on the 1st November.

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