Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tony Locke Rapidplay - Round 3 Pairings

The draw for round three has been made (first named player has white):

Mohammud Jaufarally (2)v    Nathan Barnes (1)
Clive Bellinger (1)v    Martin Harris (1)
Dave Chatfield (1)v    Svein Kjenner
Phil Daley (0)v    Shazia Jaufarally
John Kingv    John Duff-Cole (0)
Ed Goodman (1)v    Zahra Jaufarally
Mark Johnsonv    Nadia Jaufarally
Alex Welgev    Luke Tatchell (1)
Pete Smith (0) - Bye (or plays against 1st extra player added to draw)

Where first and second round games have not been played both players have been given half a point for the purpose of making the 3rd round draw - when the games have been played both player's scores will be updated. These half-points are not shown in player scores above.

The following games from earlier rounds still need to be played:

Martin Harrisv    Svein Kjenner
Mark Johnsonv    Shazia Jaufarally
Alex Welgev    Nadia Jaufarally
John Kingv    Zahra Jaufarally
Nathan Barnesv    Dave Chatfield
Svein Kjennerv    Clive Bellinger
John Duff-Colev    Phil Daley
Zahra Jaufarallyv    Mark Johnson
Nadia Jaufarallyv    John King
Shazia Jaufarallyv    Alex Welge

So far Mo is the only player to have played and won two matches, there are a number of players who have won one match and not played their second match yet.

Rules: 30 minutes on the clock for each player. These games should be played during November - no set date has been specified due to the number of NECL games due to be played this month - players should fit in games when they can. The draw for the 4th round will be published on the 3rd January.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Two Clacton matches, two narrow wins

The C team beat Clacton C in their most recent match, by the narrow margin of 2.5-1.5. This was the C team's first win of the season (having lost to the D team earlier in the month). The A team maintained their place at the top of Division 2 by beating Clacton B - by the same scoreline. Matt Stemp made his Colchester debut in the A team match.

Date: Oct-2014
NECL Division 2
1 w Matt Stemp (e165) 0 1 John Lambert (132) b
2 b Aleksander Orava (e155) 1 0 Melvin Steele (123) w
3 w Nathan Barnes (146) 1 0 Mike Coughtrey (120) b
4 b Mike Wagstaff (147) ½ ½ Nigel Lake (87) w
(avg=153) 2.5 1.5 (avg=115)


Date: Oct-2014
NECL Division 3
1 w Andrew Todd (116) ½ ½ Pete Smith (123) b
2 b Nigel Lake (87) 0 1 Martin Harris (120) w
3 w Alan Story (72) 0 1 Mohammud Jaufarally (e70) b
4 b Warwick Eastlea (80) 1 0 Shazia Jaufarally (e55) w
(avg=88) 1.5 2.5 (avg=92)


Next week the A team have a match against Wethersfield and the D team are playing Maldon C.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

NECL Knockout Round 1

In the first round of the knockout Colchester played their 3rd match against a Division 1 team in the last two seasons. The result was a draw (again), but this time Colchester were eliminated on board count and go into the plate competition. Mike Wagstaff won in his first match of the season; Nathan and Martin both drew against higher-graded players. Martin stepped in to play at the last minute following a player dropping out ill, allowing Colchester to avoid defaulting on one board.

Date: Oct-2014
NECL Knockout: Round 1
1 w Eddie Banks (149) 1 0 Ian Gooding (185) b
2 b Peter Byford (148) ½ ½ Nathan Barnes (146) w
3 w Adrian Billingsley (140) 0 1 Mike Wagstaff (147) b
4 b Kenn Butcher (139) ½ ½ Martin Harris (120) w
(avg=144) 2 2 (avg=149)


The first match in the plate competition will be in the week beginning 10th November.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

Junior club news

Colchester Junior Chess Club has had a successful start - healthy numbers of juniors attended in week one, and this increased by 50% in week two. In the first week England U16 international Adam Taylor (just back from the World Youth Chess Championship in South Africa) gave some lessons and a demonstration of blindfold chess.

The club meets on Thursdays, 16:30-18:30. Anyone interested in joining should check out the Facebook page ‘Colchester Junior Chess Club’ or text your interest to 07786 326 927.

D team beat C team

In the second Colchester match of the NECL season an upset saw the D team beat the C team. Mohammud Jaufarally and Shazia Jaufarally both beat higher-graded opponents on their debuts for the club, Mark Johnson won a neat endgame against Martin Harris and Ed Goodman defended well against Clive Bellinger but Clive won material in the endgame and was able to convert - getting the C team on the scoreboard.

Date: Oct-2014
NECL League: Division 3
1 w Clive Bellinger (139) 1 0 Ed Goodman (71) b
2 b Pete Smith (123) 0 1 Mohammud Jaufarally (e70) w
3 w Martin Harris (120) 0 1 Mark Johnson (69) b
4 b Brian Remmer (110) 0 1 Shazia Jaufarally (e55) w
(avg=123) 1 3 (avg=66)


The next match is the first round of the knockout competition - Colchester A will be aiming to beat a division 1 team for the second season in a row.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

First NECL match of season

The NECL season has started with a win, and a loss, for Colchester teams - the newly-promoted B team had a match against the A team. The A team won 4-0, though the individual matches were mostly closer than the overall score line suggests. Svein Kjenner made his competitive debut for the club, with a win against Brian Remmer.

Date: 01-Oct-2014
NECL League: Division 2
1 w Ian Gooding (185) 1 0 Pete Smith (123) b
2 b Nathan Barnes (146) 1 0 Martin Harris (120) w
3 w Svein Kjenner (e139) 1 0 Brian Remmer (110) b
4 b Phil Daley (123) 1 0 John Duff-Cole (90) w
(avg=148) 4 0 (avg=110)


Not all the fixtures for the season are set yet, but the next match will see Colchester C play the newly-formed Colchester D team.