Sunday, 12 October 2014

D team beat C team

In the second Colchester match of the NECL season an upset saw the D team beat the C team. Mohammud Jaufarally and Shazia Jaufarally both beat higher-graded opponents on their debuts for the club, Mark Johnson won a neat endgame against Martin Harris and Ed Goodman defended well against Clive Bellinger but Clive won material in the endgame and was able to convert - getting the C team on the scoreboard.

Date: Oct-2014
NECL League: Division 3
1 w Clive Bellinger (139) 1 0 Ed Goodman (71) b
2 b Pete Smith (123) 0 1 Mohammud Jaufarally (e70) w
3 w Martin Harris (120) 0 1 Mark Johnson (69) b
4 b Brian Remmer (110) 0 1 Shazia Jaufarally (e55) w
(avg=123) 1 3 (avg=66)


The next match is the first round of the knockout competition - Colchester A will be aiming to beat a division 1 team for the second season in a row.

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