Saturday, 1 November 2014

October summary - including two more NECL wins

The current top ten players in the club grand prix are:

1stMohammud Jaufarally5
2ndNathan Barnes4.5
3rdMartin Harris2.5
4th=Clive Bellinger2
Aleksander Orava2
6thEd Goodman2
7thIan Gooding1.5
8thMike Wagstaff1.5
9th=Dave Chatfield1
Svein Kjenner1
Mark Johnson1

Games played in the club championship, Tony Locke rapidplay and the NECL league/knockout count for points in the grand prix. Where points are equal percentage score and number of games played are used as tie-breakers. The top two in the grand prix are due to play each other in both the club championship and the Tony Locke rapidplay - giving the chance for either one of them to extend their lead at the top or to allow the chasing pack to catch-up.

No games have been played in the club championship yet. In the Tony Locke Rapidplay Mohammud Jaufarally is the only player on 2/2 - thought there are a number of players who have won their first game but not yet played their second game.

In the NECL, three players have 100% records in league matches and have played more than one game - Nathan Barnes (3 games for the A team), Mohammud Jaufarally (2 games for the D team, 1 game for the C team) and Aleksander Orava (2 games for the A team).

It is very early in the NECL season with some teams not even having played their first match yet. In Division 2, Colchester A are in 1st place having won their first three matches. Colchester B have only played one game (losing to the A team). In Division 3, Colchester D are in 1st place after winning their first two matches; Colchester C are in 2nd place winning one match and losing one (to the D team).

This week the A team beat Wethersfield (3.5-0.5). Matt Stemp got his first win for the team on board 2. Aleksander Orava and Nathan Barnes won matches with stronger endgame play - Aleksander's better king activity being enough to win in a pawn and same-colour bishop endgame and Nathan's better rook activity enabling him to win a pawn and rook endgame despite being a pawn down. Ian forced a three-fold repetition with time running out.

Date: Oct-2014
NECL Division 2
1 b Ian Gooding (185) ½ ½ Stefaan Van Poucke (148) w
2 w Matt Stemp (e165) 1 0 Bill Norman (131) b
3 b Aleksander Orava (e155) 1 0 Steven Marshall (115) w
4 w Nathan Barnes (146) 1 0 Sid McDonald (79) b
(avg=162) 3.5 0.5 (avg=118)

The D team won their second match of the season. Simon Denney made his debut for the club - playing on board 1. Birthday-boy John Duff-Cole drew his match against a higher-graded opponent. Mohammud Jaufarally continued his 100% record so far this season with a win on board 4 and Ed Goodman was the star - winning the decisive point with a well-played game on board 3.

Date: Oct-2014
NECL Division 3
1 b Doug Mothershaw (114) 1 0 Simon Denney (115) w
2 w Frank Sealey (99) ½ ½ John Duff-Cole (90) b
3 b Toby Pugh (75) 0 1 Ed Goodman (71) w
4 w William Pugh (70) 0 1 Mohammud Jaufarally (e70) b
(avg=89) 1.5 2.5 (avg=86)


Next week the D team have an away match against Chelmsford C.

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