Tuesday, 23 December 2014

History of Colchester Chess Club 1

Colchester Chess Club has been around for a very long time (the exact date is not known but the club has existed formally since 1888) and a large amount of historical material about the club has been preserved.

The club archive contains material going as far back as 1905 and all of this is in the process of being scanned in and will be made available online. The archive contains match reports, minutes of meetings, newspaper cuttings and much more. Included with the archive was a pamphlet from Colchester Library (circa 1938 - exact date not known) listing the chess books they had in stock. The list was written by an unknown member of the Colchester Chess Club and also includes brief descriptions of some of the books listed.

The introductory text is reproduced below:


Books can improve your game if you are willing to give them serious consideration. Chess masters have their own methods of play: their writings can be of service to you. The following list of books does not, unfortunately, contain the early classics - Ruy Lopez, Polerio, Philidor, Ponziani, Koch or Horwitz - but copies of their works together with those of many modern masters will be borrowed for you by the Public Library on request.


As well as the list of books there are comments about books written by Capablanca, Euwe, Greig, Harley, Murray, Spielmann and Tartakower.

A pdf of the pamphlet can be viewed/downloaded here.

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