Saturday, 28 February 2015

Tony Locke Rapidplay - round 6 draw

The draw for round six (of seven) of the Tony Locke Rapidplay has been made (first named player has white):

Nathan Barnes (5)v    Mark Johnson (4)
Clive Bellinger (3.5)v    Ed Goodman (4)
Phil Daley (2)v    Svein Kjenner (3.5)
Martin Harris (3.5)v    Alex Welge (3)
Luke Tatchell (2.5)v    Dave Chatfield (2)
John Duff-Cole (2)v    Matt Stemp (2)
Pete Smith (2)v    John King (1)
Denzel Gonzales (0.5)v    Simon Denney (0.5)

Where previous round games have not been played both players have been given half a point for the purpose of making the 4th round draw - when the games have been played both player's scores will be updated. These half-points are shown in player scores above - so some scores could potentially go down as matches from previous rounds are played. The number after the player's name indicates their current (provisional) score. Matt, Simon and Denzel joined the competition at the round 4 stage.

Due to moving away from the area, four players have withdrawn from the competition (Mohammud, Shazia, Nadia, Zahra) - this means that a number of players have been given wins by default which have increased their scores.

The following games from earlier rounds still need to be played:

Pete Smithv    John Duff-Cole
John Kingv    Simon Denney
Denzel Gonzalesv    Phil Daley
Luke Tatchellv    Pete Smith


Results on the top boards in round 5 saw Nathan Barnes beat Svein Kjenner and a draw in the match between Mark Johnson and Clive Bellinger. With two matches to go Nathan Barnes has a one point lead and a win in round 6 is likely to be enough to win the competition. However, there are still a number of other players who can win the competition if results go their way in the last two rounds - Mark Johnson, Ed Goodman, Clive Bellinger, Svein Kjenner and Martin Harris.


  1. I amnot sure Alex Welge is here any more.

  2. Looks like I had better read up on the English opening! Mark Johnson

  3. Maybe - though I did play Bird's Opening in one of the games in this competition (must have picked up the wrong pawn by mistake...)