Sunday, 29 March 2015

Draw for club championship - knockout rounds

The seeding rounds for the club championship are now over. Group winners (who get byes for the first two rounds) were: Nathan Barnes, John Duff-Cole, Martin Harris and Brian Remmer. Runners-up were: Phil Daley, Dave Chatfield, Mohammud Jaufarally and Clive Bellinger.

No seeding games were completed in two of the groups. All players go through to the knock-out stages but players who have not played any games in the group stages count as having come 3rd in their groups for seeding purposes.

Matches have been randomly determined for each round.

Time limit is the same as for league matches, players should toss a coin to determine colours. In the event of a draw players can either have a rematch (swapping colours; this must take place before the scheduled date for the next round) or an armageddon game should be played (players swap colours; White has 5 minutes on the clock, Black has 4 minutes; if game is drawn Black wins). Unless agreed otherwise by the two players before the game starts, an armageddon match will be used to determine the winner if the game is drawn.

If a player is unable to play their match on the date scheduled it is their responsibility to contact their opponent and arrange an alternative date. Wins on default will be awarded at the discretion of the tournament controller.

ROUND 1 - Wednesday April 8th
Matt Stemp v John King
Svein Kjenner v Denzel Gonzales
Pete Smith v Simon Denney


ROUND 2 - Wednesday 6th May
(Match a)Dave Chatfield v winner of Smith/Denney
(Match b)Phil Daley v winner of Kjenner/Gonzales
(Match c)Clive Bellinger v Mark Johnson
(Match d)Ed Goodman v winner of Stemp/King


QUARTER-FINAL - Wednesday 20th May
(Match e)Nathan Barnes v winner of match a
(Match f)John Duff-Cole v winner of match b
(Match g)Martin Harris v winner of match d
(Match h)Brian Remmer v winner of match c


SEMI-FINAL - Wednesday 3rd June
winner of match e v winner of match f
winner of match g v winner of match h


In addition to the final, there will be a 3rd place play-off and (if needed) matches to determine the winner of the Club Shield (for best result by a player with an ECF grade under 120).

The final, and any play-off matches, will take place on Wednesday 17th June.

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