Thursday, 30 April 2015

Colchester B finish 2nd in Division 2

Colchester B won their last two matches to move ahead of teams from Chelmsford and Maldon and finish in 2nd place in NECL Division 2 (the A team have one match left but the B team's results mean that they are now guaranteed to finish in 1st place).

The team beat Witham B 3.5-0.5 and followed this with a 2.5-15 win against Maldon B - both these results were better than the results obtained by the A team against these teams! Felix Schnell made his Colchester debut in the match against Maldon. In the Maldon B match Phil drew quickly, Svein's opponent claimed a draw by repetition soon after the opening, Felix's game was quite sharp and had plenty of opportunities for both sides to go wrong - eventually finishing in a repetition, Nathan won after a long same-colour bishop endgame.

Date: Apr-2015
NECL Division 2
1 b Felix Schnell (e155) ½ ½ Tom Winter (143) w
2 w Nathan Barnes (152) 1 0 Keith Cook (139) b
3 b Svein Kjenner (e139) ½ ½ Ian MacLachlan (137) w
4 w Phil Daley (123) ½ ½ Frank Sealey (103) b
(avg=142) 2.5 1.5 (avg=130)


Date: Apr-2015
NECL Division 2
1 w Barrie Quinn (119) 0 1 Alex Orava (148) b
2 b Barry Mitchell (112) 0 1 Mike Wagstaff (148) w
3 w Peter O'Malley (116) 0 1 Svein Kjenner (e139) b
4 b John Staplehurst (103) ½ ½ Clive Bellinger (138) w
(avg=112) 0.5 3.5 (avg=143)


Nine matches were played by the B team, with seven wins and two defeats (against the A team and, narrowly, Chelmsford B). The player statistics (by board) are:


Board 1 (Total 7/9)
Alex Orava5.5/6
Felix Schnell0.5/1
Mike Wagstaff1/1
Pete Smith0/1


Board 2 (Total 5.5/9)
Nathan Barnes2/2
Mike Wagstaff1.5/4
Svein Kjenner1/1
Martin Harris1/2


Board 3 (Total 6/9)
Mike Wagstaff1/1
Svein Kjenner3/4
Clive Bellinger1/2
Pete Smith1/1
Brian Remmer0/1


Board 4 (Total 6/9)
Svein Kjenner1/1
Clive Bellinger1.5/2
Phil Daley1.5/2
Martin Harris0/1
John Duff-Cole1/2
Mark Johnson1/1

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Colchester win NECL Plate

Colchester A have won the NECL Plate competition, beating Maldon B 3-1 in a replay. Ian and Matt won their games with Mike and Javier drawing. Other players who were part of the team in earlier rounds of the competition were Nathan Barnes, Alex Orava and Martin Harris.

Date: Apr-2015
NECL Plate Final - Replay
1 b Dave Pearse (153) ½ ½ Javier Ruano Marco (e189) w
2 w Tom Winter (143) 0 1 Ian Gooding (183) b
3 b Keith Cook (139) 0 1 Matt Stemp (e165) w
4 w Ian MacLachlan (137) ½ ½ Mike Wagstaff (148) b
(avg=143) 1 3 (avg=171)


Five matches were played in the knockout competition, with only one game lost out of the 20 played. The player statistics (by board) are:


Board 1
Javier Ruano Marco1.5/3
Ian Gooding0/1
Matt Stemp1/1


Board 2
Ian Gooding2.5/3
Nathan Barnes1.5/2


Board 3
Matt Stemp2/2
Nathan Barnes0.5/1
Alex Orava1/1
Mike Wagstaff1/1


Board 4
Mike Wagstaff3/4
Martin Harris0.5/1

Friday, 17 April 2015

Annual General Meeting

Post from Clive


Colchester Chess Club A.G.M. will be held on Wednesday 24th June.


Any items for inclusion on the Agenda to the undersigned by Wednesday 10th June


Clive Bellinger

Friday, 10 April 2015

Tony Locke Rapidplay - round 7 draw

The draw for round seven (the last round) of the Tony Locke Rapidplay has been made (first named player has white):

Clive Bellinger (4.5)v    Nathan Barnes (6)
Svein Kjenner (4.5)v    Mark Johnson (4)
Ed Goodman (4)v    Martin Harris (4)
Alex Welge (3.5)v    John Duff-Cole (2.5)
Luke Tatchell (3)v    Phil Daley (2)
Matt Stemp (2.5)v    Pete Smith (2.5)
Simon Denney (1)v    Dave Chatfield (2.5)
John King (1.5)v    Denzel Gonzales (1)

Where previous round games have not been played both players have been given half a point for the purpose of making the 7th round draw - when the games have been played both player's scores will be updated. These half-points are shown in player scores above - so some scores could potentially go down as matches from previous rounds are played. The number after the player's name indicates their current (provisional) score. Matt, Simon and Denzel joined the competition at the round 4 stage.

The following games from earlier rounds still need to be played:

Pete Smithv    John Duff-Cole
John Kingv    Simon Denney
Denzel Gonzalesv    Phil Daley
Luke Tatchellv    Pete Smith
Martin Harrisv    Alex Welge
Luke Tatchellv    Dave Chatfield
John Duff-Colev    Matt Stemp
Pete Smithv    John King
Luke Tatchellv    Pete Smith


Results on the top boards in round 6 saw wins for Svein Kjenner and Clive Bellinger in the chasing pack, but a win for Nathan Barnes means that he now can't be caught and has won the competition.

There is still a battle for the podium places with Clive and Svein currently occupying 2nd and 3rd - Martin Harris, Mark Johnson and Ed Goodman are also in contention.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Late-March summary

The A, B and D teams all played a match at the end of March. The D team beat Billericay B to keep their chances of winning Division 3 alive. The A team beat Witham B to stretch their lead at the top of Division 2. The B team beat Clacton B, they can no longer catch the A team but can still finish 2nd in the division. The A team have one match left - if they win or draw then they will win the division, they may even have won the division before they play that match (depending on how Maldon B and Chelmsford B do in their two remaining matches).


Date: Mar-2015
NECL Division 3
1 b Simon Denney (114) 1 0 Chris Van Veen (113) w
2 w Ed Goodman (73) 1 0 Ken Young (112) b
3 b Mark Johnson (71) ½ ½ Charles Newman (105) w
4 w Denzel Gonzales (e80) 0 1 David Wilson (94) b
(avg=84) 2.5 1.5 (avg=106)


Date: Mar-2015
NECL Division 2
1 w Javier Ruano Marco (e189) 1 0 Keith Husband (121) b
2 b Ian Gooding (183) 1 0 Barry Mitchell (112) w
3 w Matt Stemp (e165) 1 0 John Staplehurst (103) b
4 b Nathan Barnes (152) 0 1 Peter Hughes (67) w
(avg=172) 3 1 (avg=110)


Date: Mar-2015
NECL Division 2
1 w Martin Alvin (135) 0 1 Mike Wagstaff (148) b
2 b Melvin Steele (127) 0 1 Martin Harris (121) w
3 w Mike Coughtrey (113) 0 1 Pete Smith (119) b
4 b Nigel Lake (87) 1 0 John Duff-Cole (87) w
(avg=115) 1 3 (avg=118)