Thursday, 25 June 2015

Issues raised at the AGM

Post from Clive

Below is a brief summary of salient some of the issues that were raised at the AGM

Treasurer’s Report

Phil Daley presented the financial reports for the year. The accounts reflected a surplus of £8.

The fee levels were discussed for the forthcoming year they would be:

  • Full members (gainful employment)£30
  • Students,Senior Citizens & Unemployed £20
  • Family membership £30
  • Juniors £10
  • Casual £2 per night

All members are responsible for their own ECF membership

PD requested the club recognise Dave Chatfield as Assistant Treasurer, this was seconded by Nathan Barnes, all in favour.


The number of teams to enter in NECL league next year are to remain at 4. The number of teams to enter in NECL knockout next year was agreed at 3.

NECL Player of the Year

This has been won by a Colchester player for the 2nd year in a row (Eldar Lachinov last year) – this year Alex Orava is player of the year with 7.5/8 (mostly on top board for the B team). A small trophy to be presented to Alex. Of the top 6 in the player of the year listings, 5 are Colchester players

Appointing more match captains

Matt Stemp and Michael Wagstaff offered their services as match captains.

Election of Officers

Roger Sharman stated there were no new applicants for any committee position, and that the existing Officers were prepared to stand again. The following Officers were therefore elected un-opposed:

  • Chairman: Roger Sharman
  • General Secretary: Clive Bellinger
  • Treasurer: Phil Daley
  • Match Secretary: John Duff-Cole
  • Tournament Secretary: Nathan Barnes

Match Nights

Setting-up for match nights.  There have been occasions when NB has been the only person setting-up boards and tables - if he arrived early then he has no problems with this but he does have a bit of an issue with not being helped when other people are there.  Non-drivers who play in matches should be responsible to arrive at 19:00 to set up for the match.

Organised Coaching sessions

It was discussed that it may be possible to arrange an organised coaching sessions from a strong player. It was agreed that Clive, Nathan, and Matthew would look into the possibility.

Player of the Year Award

It was agreed the club would present a Player of the Year award. Nominations were to go to the Secretary prior to next year’s AGM, the Committee would then decide on the winner.

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