Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Tony Locke Rapidplay

A number of matches have already been completed in the Tony Locke Rapidplay - the remaining matches from rounds 1 to 3 should now take place on the 11th November. If you are unable to make that date then you are responsible for organising an alternative date with your opponent(s). All matches from the first three rounds need to be completed before December 18th, on this date the 4th round draw will be made and the results of any incomplete matches will be decided by default wins/losses as decided by the tournament secretary (largely based on who turns up on the 11th).

Currently the outstanding games are:

Matt Stemp V Martin Harris
Simon Denney V Mike Wagstaff
Clive Bellinger V Denzel Gonzales
Pete Smith V Nathan Barnes
Felix Schnell V Dave Chatfield
Dave Chatfield V Leon Parker
Phil Daley V Felix Schnell
Felix Schnell V Mark Johnson
Leon Parker V Phil Daley
Martin Harris V Ed Goodman
Martin Harris V Norbert Voelker
Nathan Barnes V Svein Kjenner
John Duff-Cole VPete Smith
Mike Wagstaff V Clive Bellinger
Denzel Gonzales V Simon Denney
Denzel Gonzales V Mike Wagstaff
Clive Bellinger V Simon Denney
Mark Johnson V Brian Remmer

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