Thursday, 26 November 2015

Colchester C

Colchester C have played 3 league matches and won all 3 (a 2.5-1.5 win over the D team and 3-1 wins against Chelmsford C and Chelmsford D) so they are currently top of Division 3. Rest of this post is from Clive.

Here is a position from a league game, White is already a piece up and has a winning position with plenty of options, but can you find the crushing move?

Did you find it? The answer is: Qd1-a1 The threatened loss of the g pawn is overwhelming (computer gives this as +8). If you picked Rc6xd6 (I did) that is still pretty good at nearly +7.

Following Qd1-a1, if black castles, Ne4-c5 Bd6xc5, b4xc5 white is 2 pieces up, game over. If : Ke8 (to give the rook room) Ne4-c5 Bd6xc5, b4xc5 Rh8-g8, c5xb6 a7xb6, again 2 pieces up If: e6-e5 (to try and block in centre) Rc6xd6 c7xd6, Ne4xd6+ Ke8-f8, Be3xb6 Rc8-c2, Bb6-c5

If: Bd6-f8 then white has Ne4-c5 Bf8xc5 (forced) Qa1xg7 Bc5xe3 Rc6xe6+ f7xe6 Bg2-c6+ Nb6-d7 Qg7xh8+ Ke8-f7 f2xe3+ Kf7-e7 Qh8xh7+ Ke7-d6 Qh7xd7+ Kd6-e5. Lovely line this... Black King all alone in the middle of the board!

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