Sunday, 27 December 2015

Xmas Blitx Results

Eight players took part in the Xmas Blitz, games were played with 5 minutes on the clock plus 3 seconds per move.

After the all-play-all Nathan and Norbert were joint leaders with 6.5/7; Matt recovered from a slow start (losing to Nathan and Norbert in the first two rounds) to finish in 3rd with a score of 5/7. The 6th round game between Nathan and Norbert had seen Nathan gain a material advantage which was sacrificed back to expose the king, however Norbert successfully held the position and a draw was agreed with both players running out of time.

Dave Wood finished in 6th place after two good results against higher-graded opponents.

    Matt    Nathan  Norbert    Clive     Pete     John      Ed       Dave  POINTSPOSITION
Matt Stemp-001111153rd
Nathan Barnes1-0.5111116.51st=
Norbert Voelker10.5-111116.51st=
Clive Bellinger000-111144th
Pete Smith0000-11135th
John Duff-Cole00000-0.500.58th
Ed Goodman000000.5-0.517th
Dave Wood0000010.5-1.56th

An Armageddon game was used to decide the overall winner (White had 5 minutes, Black 4 minutes - but a draw would mean that Black wins). Norbert won the toss and chose to have the Black pieces. Nathan played a wing gambit against the Sicilian and won a piece for two pawns fairly early on. He held the advantage into the endgame but sped up to avoid losing on time. Norbert was able to successfully improve his position and by the time Nathan lost on time the position on the board was also lost. Therefore, Norbert won the blitz tournament.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Xmas Blitz

The club will be open as normal on the 23rd December. There will be an all-play-all blitz tournament - everyone welcome.