Tuesday, 16 February 2016

NECL player of the year

The Al Scibor prize is awarded to the adult player with the best percentage score in the NECL league - it has been won by Colchester players for the last two years (and the winners' main rivals have been mostly Colchester players as well).

Back in the 2013/14 season, Eldar Lachinov was player of the season closely followed by Mike Wagstaff and Pete Smith. Nathan Barnes and Phil Daley also scored more than 70%.

Last season, Alex Orava was player of the season closely followed by Svein Kjenner, Nathan Barnes, Matt Stamp and Ian Gooding. Simon Denney and Mark Johnson also scored more than 70%.

This season? Again it is looking good for Colchester players. Currently in the lead having scored 100% from 9 games is Norbert Voelker. In 2nd place is Svein Kjenner, also on 100% but from 7 games. Pete Smith is in joint 10th with (in order) Felix Schnell, Clive Bellinger, Martin Harris, Mike Wagstaff, Matt Stemp, Nathan Barnes and Ian Gooding also all scoring 50% or more from at least 4 games.

There was one key game that decided the winner of the trophy last year. The position below is taken from the Hughes, P - Barnes, N game in the Colchester A - Witham B match. Black is winning, though running short of time, and a win in this game would mean Black would win the Al Scibor trophy. How did Black make sure that this didn't happen? The answer is far from obvious...

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