Saturday, 20 February 2016

Tony Locke Rapidplay - Round 4

The 4th round of the Tony Locke Rapidplay has now been made. There are still a number of games from earlier rounds outstanding but two players so far - Matt Stemp and Svein Kjenner - have won all three of their matches. For the purposes of making the draw games not played so far have been assumed to be draws. Three players have been removed from the draw for round 4 as they have not played in the 1st three rounds.

Draw for round 4:

Svein Kjenner V Matt Stemp
Felix Schnell V Clive Bellinger
Nathan Barnes V Denzel Gonzales
Norbert Voelker V Dave Chatfield
Phil Daley V Mark Johnson
Brian Remmer V John Duff-Cole
Pete Smith V Martin Harris
Ed Goodman   BYE

Currently the outstanding games are (if any of these matches have taken place, results have not been reported):

Clive Bellinger V Denzel Gonzales
Phil Daley V Felix Schnell
Felix Schnell V Mark Johnson
Martin Harris V Ed Goodman
John Duff-Cole VPete Smith
Mark Johnson V Brian Remmer

The answer to the question in the previous post cannot be shown in a viewer. Black played 1...Rxd3+!, White replied 2.Rxb4 removing the knight guarding Black's rook, but it is an illegal move as the king is still in check. Black, playing quickly, failed to notice and captured White's rook. White then took the rook on d3 and had an easily won pawn endgame. If the illegal move had been noticed Black had a simple win and would have had enough time on the clock to finish the game.

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