Monday, 28 March 2016

Tony Locke Rapidplay - Round 5

The 5th round of the Tony Locke Rapidplay has now been made. There are still a number of games from earlier rounds outstanding but the leaders at this stage are Matt Stemp, Svein Kjenner, and Clive Bellinger, though there are a lot of players only half a point behind. For the purposes of making the draw games not played so far have been assumed to be draws.

While there were only 6 rounds originally planned, the tournament controller reserves the right to add a 7th round if there is no clear winner after 6 rounds.

Draw for round 5:

Clive Bellinger V Svein Kjenner
Matt Stemp V Felix Schnell
Mark Johnson V Norbert Voelker
Brian Remmer V Nathan Barnes
Denzel Gonzales V Phil Daley
Dave Chatfield V John Duff-Cole
Ed Goodman V Pete Smith
Martin Harris   BYE

Currently the outstanding games are (if any of these matches have taken place, results have not been reported):

Phil Daley V Felix Schnell
Felix Schnell V Mark Johnson
Martin Harris V Ed Goodman
John Duff-Cole VPete Smith
Mark Johnson V Brian Remmer
Felix Schnell V Clive Bellinger
Nathan Barnes V Denzel Gonzales
Phil Daley V Mark Johnson

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