Sunday, 1 May 2016

Colchester B round-up

Colchester B drew and won their last two matches to finish the season unbeaten and finish in 1st place in NECL Division 2, improving on their 2nd place last season. They were 5 points clear at the top of the table (from Clacton A, Chelmsford B and Baddow B), this was a larger margin than that achieved by the A team in this division last season.

The team's final match was a 3-1 win against Chelmsford B. Felix won the exchange after the opening (an open Sicilian), but an inaccurate move and his opponent's strong bishop resulted in a draw by repetition. Mike held onto the gambit pawn in the Milner-Barry variation of the French Defence, he won a further pawn and was comfortably winning from then on. Mark got a strong position after the opening and converted this into an extra pawn. However, this wasn't quite enough to force the win in a rook and minor piece endgame. Nathan comfortably equalised as Black but then blundered a pawn when trying to open the game up. As pieces came off it looked like an outside chance of a draw at best, until his opponent blundered twice as time started to run out - once to a completely level endgame (it would have been knight and 3 isolated pawns against a rook with no way of stopping the rook being exchanged for the three pawns) and then into a mate-in-one.

Date: Apr-2016
NECL Division 2
1 w David Chandler (177) 0 1 Nathan Barnes (146) b
2 b Elliot Cocks (159) ½ ½ Felix Schnell (167) w
3 w Ed Porter (147) 0 1 Mike Wagstaff (148) b
4 b Peter Brander (125) ½ ½ Mark Johnson (104) w
(avg=152) 1 3 (avg=141)


Ten matches were played by the B team, with seven wins and a draw (against Clacton A) in the league; a win and a defeat in the knockout (against two division 1 teams). The player statistics (by board) are:


Board 1 (Total 8/10)
Svein Kjenner2/2
Norbert Voelker2/2
Nathan Barnes1.5/2
Felix Schnell2/3
Mike Wagstaff0.5/1


Board 2 (Total 8.5/10)
Svein Kjenner3/3
Norbert Voelker3/3
Felix Schnell2/3
Clive Bellinger0.5/1


Board 3 (Total 7/10)
Norbert Voelker2/2
Nathan Barnes1/1
Clive Bellinger1.5/2
Mike Wagstaff2/3
Phil Daley0.5/1
Svein Kjenner0/1


Board 4 (Total 5.5/10)
Norbert Voelker1/1
Martin Harris1.5/2
Mike Wagstaff2/3
Clive Bellinger0.5/1
Mark Johnson0.5/1
Nathan Barnes0/1
Brian Remmer0/1

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