Thursday, 2 June 2016

Colchester C round-up

Colchester C finished in 1st place in NECL Division 3, despite losing their last match of the season (away to Billericay B). They were 3 points clear at the top of the table (from Chelmsford C), winning seven out of eight matches. It was unfortunate that Colchester players had fewer games than hoped due to a large number of defaults.


Ten matches were played by the B team, with seven wins and a loss in the league; two defeats in the knockout. The player statistics (by board) are:


Board 1 (Total 8/10)
Mike Wagstaff3/3
Norbert Voelker2/2
Svein Kjenner1/1
Clive Bellinger1.5/2
Phil Daley0.5/1
Pete Smith0/1


Board 2 (Total 5.5/10)
Martin Harris1/1
Clive Bellinger3/4
John Duff-Cole0.5/1
Phil Daley1/3
Pete Smith0/1


Board 3 (Total 7/10)
Pete Smith1/1
Mark Johnson1/1
Martin Harris4/5
Brian Remmer1/2


Board 4 (Total 5/10)
Pete Smith5/6
Martin Harris0/1
Mark Johnson0/1
Mohammud Jaufarally0/1

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