Sunday, 24 July 2016

July ECF Grades

The July 2016 ECF Grading List has been published. The standard play grades for active Colchester players are:

139627EGooding, Ian191B189B
302172LVoelker, Norbert184D182E
186371LStemp, Matt176D172D
297026AOrava, Aleksandr162D163D
301977ASchnell, Felix155E167E
299554CKjenner, Svein152B154D
140673FBarnes, Nathan148A146A
120924DWagstaff, Michael144C148C
250046CBellinger, Clive129C133C
155695CDaley, Phil119C121C
150405JHarris, Martin116A118A
117812LRemmer, Brian110C107C
213710ASmith, Peter108C111C
293018DJohnson, Mark105B104B
283272AHarris, Peter105D95D
298130AJaufarally, Mohammud104A102A
301854EGonzales, Denzel96F105F
227455DDuff-Cole, John92C93B
256466LGoodman, Ed86D84C

A few players have increased their grades - with Peter Harris (+10) and Matt Stemp (+4) having the most significant increases.


The rapidplay grades for active Colchester players are:

186371LStemp, Matt175F180F
140673FBarnes, Nathan149E155E
299554CKjenner, Svein149D148D
250046CBellinger, Clive139F136F
293018DJohnson, Mark108D109D
150405JHarris, Martin102D101D
298130AJaufarally, Mohammud97A91B
227455DDuff-Cole, John92F87F
155695CDaley, Phil85F85F
256466LGoodman, Ed70E74F
283272AHarris, Peter62E68E
301407BParker, Leon1748F54F

There are other Colchester players who have played some rapidplay graded games in the last half-season (but not enough to have a grade yet).


A few players have increased their grades - with Mo Jaufarally (+6) and John Duff-Cole (+5) having the most significant increases.

Friday, 22 July 2016


An opening disaster caused by not paying attention to the line being played and just playing "normal" moves for the opening without checking...

Today's DITO shows an example of a common idea against the Slav, or rather a common idea that is not often seen as Black doesn't normally allow it, taken from Forrester, A (ECF:134) 0 - 1 Barnes, N (ECF:146) (2016).

Nothing wrong with the first few moves 1. d4 d5 2. c4 c6 3. Nc3 Bxc4 4. e3

However, 4...Nf6 is dubious as Black is giving the pawn back and allowing White to develop freely at the same time. Nf6 is normally played in the Slav but this is not the right time, 4...b5 is best.

White's reply is obvious, but after 5. Bxc4 Black is just losing after playing another "normal" Slav move (5...Bf5).

White can now win material and get a better position, with a tactic that Black should be well aware of if they are playing this opening...

White is a pawn up, for no compensation, after just six moves and the rest (should be) simple. Black made things worse by playing 6...Qc8 7. Bxf7+ Kd8, which the computer evaluates as being nearly the equivalent of a piece down for Black.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Club Championship - round 5

The draw for the fifth round of the club championship has been made. Currently in the lead (based on completed games) are Nathan Barnes, Clive Bellinger and Norbert Voelker on 3/4, though there are a number of incomplete games so exact positions/scores could change. For the purposes of making the draw, incomplete matches have been counted as being draws - scores will be updated as matches are completed.


Round 5

Nathan Barnes (3)V Norbert Voelker (3)
Pete Smith (2.5)V Clive Bellinger (3)
Brian Remmer (2)V Felix Schnell (2.5)
Phil Daley (1)V Martin Harris (2)
John Duff-Cole (1)V Svein Kjenner (1.5)
Ed Goodman (1)V Mark Johnson (1.5)


Incomplete matches from previous rounds

Svein Kjenner V Mark Johnson
Felix SchnellV Phil Daley
Clive BellingerV Felix Schnell
John Duff-ColeV Ed Goodman
Clive Bellinger (2.5)V Nathan Barnes (2.5)
Felix Schnell (2)V Norbert Voelker (2.5)
Pete Smith (2)V Mark Johnson (1.5)
Svein Kjenner (1)V Ed Goodman (0.5)
Phil Daley (0.5)V John Duff-Cole (0.5)