Saturday, 9 July 2016

Club Championship - round 5

The draw for the fifth round of the club championship has been made. Currently in the lead (based on completed games) are Nathan Barnes, Clive Bellinger and Norbert Voelker on 3/4, though there are a number of incomplete games so exact positions/scores could change. For the purposes of making the draw, incomplete matches have been counted as being draws - scores will be updated as matches are completed.


Round 5

Nathan Barnes (3)V Norbert Voelker (3)
Pete Smith (2.5)V Clive Bellinger (3)
Brian Remmer (2)V Felix Schnell (2.5)
Phil Daley (1)V Martin Harris (2)
John Duff-Cole (1)V Svein Kjenner (1.5)
Ed Goodman (1)V Mark Johnson (1.5)


Incomplete matches from previous rounds

Svein Kjenner V Mark Johnson
Felix SchnellV Phil Daley
Clive BellingerV Felix Schnell
John Duff-ColeV Ed Goodman
Clive Bellinger (2.5)V Nathan Barnes (2.5)
Felix Schnell (2)V Norbert Voelker (2.5)
Pete Smith (2)V Mark Johnson (1.5)
Svein Kjenner (1)V Ed Goodman (0.5)
Phil Daley (0.5)V John Duff-Cole (0.5)

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