Thursday, 29 September 2016

Club competitions

The winners of the club competitions for 2015/16 are:

  • Club Championship: Nathan Barnes
  • Tony Locke Rapidplay: Svein Kjenner & Matt Stemp (tie)
  • Club Shield: Pete Smith
  • Grand Prix: Norbert Voelker

The Club Shield was awarded to the best performance by a player graded under 120ECF in the Club Championship. The Grand Prix was won by the player with the highest combined score in the Club Championship, Tony Locke Rapidplay and NECL matches.

The Club Honours page has been updated to show the 2015/16 results and also now includes more historical results than previously.

The position at the top of the page is taken from the decisive game in the Club Championship (N Barnes - N Voelker). It shows the position after Black's 36th move. Nothing particularly special about the position, except that neither the White rook or bishop had moved at all in the first 36 moves. So, is the game still technically in the opening until White completes development?

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