Monday, 1 January 2018

Duck chess competition

Nine players took part in the Xmas Duck Chess Competition, Matt Stemp won with a score of 4/4.

1Matt Stemp+9+5+3+24
2Nathan Barnes+8+6+7-13
3Michael Catabay+4bye-1+53
4Asci Catabay-3+8+6+73
5Clive Bellinger+7-1bye-32
6John Duff-Colebye-2-4+82
7Brian Remmer-5+9-2-41
8Rezin Catabay-2-4+9-61
9Mae Catabay-1-7-8bye1

Here is the finish from Asci - John, the duck means Black has no way of saving his king.

Photos from the event:

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