Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Colchester C round-up

Colchester C finished in 5th place (out of 6) in NECL Division 2 with three wins, one draw and six defeats in the league. Their best results were probably a 2-2 draw against league winners Clacton A and a 3.5-0.5 win against Baddow B. The latter result took place on the same evening as a B team match making it an even more impressive result as they were not able to use the highest-graded player eligible for the C team (as they were playing for the B team).

The player statistics (by board) are:

Board 1 (Total 6/10)
Felix Schnell3/4
Svein Kjenner2.5/3
Clive Bellinger0.5/2
Emil Tihov0/1

Board 2 (Total 4.5/10)
Felix Schnell2/2
Svein Kjenner1/1
Mike Wagstaff1/3
Emil Tihov0.5/2
Clive Bellinger0/1
Pete Smith0/1

Board 3 (Total 3.5/10)
Emil Tihov1.5/2
Clive Bellinger1.5/4
Mike Wagstaff0.5/1
Phil Daley0/1
Brian Remmer0/1
Pete Smith0/1

Board 4 (Total 5/10)
Brian Remmer1.5/2
Clive Bellinger1/1
Emil Tihov1/1
Pete Smith1/3
John Duff-Cole0.5/1
Phil Daley0/2

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