Thursday, 2 August 2018

ECF 2018 rapidplay grades

The rapid play grades for Colchester players on the July ECF Grading List are:

302172LVoelker, Norbert163E170E
186371LStemp, Matt159D162E
314943CLee, Dominic155E
140673FBarnes, Nathan154D157E
274746HCatabay, Michael152E 
299554CKjenner, Svein152E149D
301977ASchnell, Felix142F
213710ASmith, Peter114D103E
117812LRemmer, Brian109D
227455DDuff-Cole, John108E92F
293018DJohnson, Mark107A113A
155695CDaley, Phil107E115F
314944EBradshaw, Craig102E
253530AJohnson, Zoe1092D108E
307566HCatabay, Mae876A54A
298999CCatabay, Asci1574A51A

A number of players appear on the list (or have non-F grades) for the first time (or reappear after dropping off the list) - Dom Lee (going in with the 3rd highest rapidplay grade in the club following an unbeaten 2nd place in the Tony Locke Rapidplay and a number of wins in the NECL rapidplay league), Michael Catabay, Felix Schnell, Brian Remmer and Craig Bradshaw.

There were significant increases for Asci Catabay (+23), Mae Catabay (+22), John Duff-Cole (+15) and Pete Smith (+11).