Saturday, 1 June 2019

Colchester D round-up

Colchester D finished in 6th place (out of 11) in NECL Division 3, with three wins, three draws and four losses in the league. Brentwood B finished in first, one point ahead of the D team - with Clacton B and Chelmsford E close behind. Charles Mallon and Jamie Van Amstel played their firest games for the club this season. The D team's results were above expectations as they were outgraded in 8 of their 10 matches.

The player statistics (by board) are:

Board 1 (Total 4.5/10)
Clive Bellinger1.5/2
Pete Smith1/1
Jamie Van Amstel1/2
Brian Remmer0.5/1
Emil Tihov0.5/3
John Duff-Cole0/1

Board 2 (Total 6/10)
Jamie Van Amstel3/3
Mark Johnson2/2
Clive Bellinger0.5/1
John Duff-Cole0.5/2
Mae Catabay0/1
Charles Mallon0/1

Board 3 (Total 4/10)
Jamie Van Amstel2/4
Charles Mallon1/1
Craig Bradshaw1/4
Phil Daley0/1

Board 4 (Total 3.5/10)
Charles Mallon1.5/3
Craig Bradshaw1/3
John Duff-Cole0.5/1
Mae Catabay0.5/1
Asci Catabay0/1

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