Club Honours

YearChampionshipShieldTony Locke RapidplayGrand Prix
18/19Svein Kjennern/aNathan BarnesNathan Barnes
17/18Mark JohnsonPhil DaleyNathan BarnesNathan Barnes
16/17Svein KjennerEd GoodmanNathan BarnesNathan Barnes
15/16Nathan BarnesPeter SmithSvein Kjenner
Matt Stemp
Norbert Voelker
14/15Phil DaleyBrian RemmerNathan BarnesNathan Barnes
13/14Eldar LachinovMark JohnsonEldar LachinovEldar Lachinov
12/13Peter SmithEd Goodmann/an/a
11/12Peter SmithJohn Duff-ColeAdam Taylorn/a
10/11Adam TaylorWilliam WelshIan Goodingn/a
09/10Brian RemmerWilliam WelshRobert Parkern/a
08/09Michael CatabayPeter SmithIan Goodingn/a
07/08Roger Sharman
Alan Syer
Brian RemmerAndrew Lingard
W. Matakane
06/07Richard GoughPeter SmithClive Bellingern/a

18/19Colchester ANECL Plate - runners-up
17/18Colchester DNECL Division 3 - 2nd place
16/17Colchester ANECL Knockout winners
15/16Colchester BNECL Division 2 winners
15/16Colchester CNECL Division 3 winners
14/15Colchester ANECL Division 2 winners
14/15Colchester BNECL Division 2 - 2nd place
14/15Colchester ANECL Plate winners
13/14Colchester BNECL Division 3 - 2nd place
09/10Colchester CNECL Division 3 - 2nd place
08/09Colchester BNECL Division 2 - 2nd place
08/09Colchester DNECL Division 3 - 2nd place
07/08Colchester BNECL Division 2 - 2nd place
04/05Colchester ANECL Knockout winners
04/05Colchester CNECL Division 3 winners
03/04Colchester CNECL Division 3 - 2nd place
02/03Colchester BNECL Plate - runners-up
02/03Colchester CNECL Division 3 - 2nd place
01/02Colchester ANECL Knockout winners
96/97Colchester ANECL Division 1 winners
96/97ColchesterNECL Division 3 winners
93/94ColchesterNECL Division 2 winners
91/92Colchester ANECL Knockout winners
91/92Colchester CNECL Plate winners
90/91Colchester BNECL Division 2 winners
89/90ColchesterNECL Division 2 winners
84/85Colchester ANECL Division 1 winners
75/76Colchester ANECL Division 1 winners
75/76Colchester ANECL Knockout winners
70/71Colchester BNECL Division 2 winners
69/70Colchester BNECL Division 2 winners
68/69Colchester BNECL Division 2 winners
66/67Colchester ANECL Division 1 winners
64/65Colchester ANECL Division 1 winners

The Al Scibor trophy is awarded to the adult player with the best performance in the NECL League. A number of Colchester players have won the trophy.
15/16Norbert Voelker
14/15Aleksandr Orava
13/14Eldar Lachinov
93/94A Gooding
90/91M D Roberts
84/85R Singh

The NECL Individual Championship (no longer running) was first held in 1967, Colchester winners were:
84/85S Dave Singh (joint winner)
77/78Ron A Fuller
76/77Ron A Fuller
75/76Ron A Fuller

The NECL Individual Championship also had a Challengers section, Colchester winners were:
85/86Roger Sharman
84/85Andrew Lingard
79/80Trevor A Dickerson