Internal Competitions

The club holds several annual internal competitions:

Club Championship Rules

An all-play-all invitational competition. The top 5 players (by July grade) will be invited to play, with the addition of the club champion from the previous year if they are not one of the top 5 players.

Players who entered the competition but did not play all their allocation of games will play at the discretion of the tournament secretary. Additional players may be added to the competition if either invitations to play are declined or the tournament secretary decides it is appropriate to do so.

The winner of each group shall be the player who accumulates the highest point total. In the event of a tie, the winner shall be determined by the result(s) of the individual encounter between the rivals and if still tied, the title shall be awarded to the player completing the most games then, if still tied, the player with the highest sum of opponent scores (100% if 1 point scored against player, 50% if 0.5 points). If players are still tied then they shall be declared joint winners.

Competition rounds shall be distributed throughout the season on nominated club nights. Contestants will be expected to attend for all games or contact their opponents to arrange a postponement by offering alternative dates. The tournament secretary will produce the pairings for each competition date at the start of the season.

All games will be graded.

The circumstances surrounding unfinished games or any other dispute shall be relayed to the tournament secretary for resolution which may entail awarding a default.

The decision of the tournament secretary shall be final. The tournament secretary can vary the rules outlined above, if necessary to ensure the smooth running of the competition. If there are insufficient entries for the Club Championship it will be combined with the Club Shield and the Club Shield awarded to the best performance by a player graded under 120 ECF (unless they win the Club Championship in which case the Club Shield will be awarded to the 2nd best performance by a player graded under 120 ECF).

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Club Shield Rules

The Club Shield is awarded to the player with the highest qualifying score in the club ladder who is not taking part in the invitational Club Championship. All internal standard play games count towards this competition. Players in the Club Championship may take part but are not eligible to win the trophy, unless they are graded below 120ECF.

A minimum of four games must be played to qualify for the ladder. Players arrange their own matches throughout the season and may play any opponent as often as they want.

Each player starts with 50 points and points are then awarded/deducted after each match played. The gap in ladder points between two players will determine the number of points that are gained/lost as a result of a match.

DifferenceHigh point player winLower point player winDraw
83-87127 17
88 or over12818

The change in ladder points resulting from a match can be worked out from the table above. Find the row which matches the difference in current ladder points between the two players; if the player with the higher number of ladder points won then column 2 indicates the number of points they gain and the number of points lost by their opponent; if the player with the lower number of ladder points won then column 3 indicates the number of points they gain and the number of points lost by their opponent; if the game is a draw then column 4 indicates the change to both scores (points added to the score of the player with fewer ladder points and points deducted from the score of the player with more ladder points).

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Tony Locke Rapidplay

Time controls are 15 minutes for each player. Run using the Swiss pairing system.

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Grand Prix

This is not a separate competition - points will be awarded to all club members taking part in other club/NECL competitions.

The qualifying tournaments will be:

  • Club Championship
  • Club Shield
  • NECL League
  • NECL Knockout
  • Tony Locke Cup

The winner is simply the person with the most points (1 point for each won game, 1/2 point for each drawn game).

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